Make a tax-deductible donation in support of the
Newburgh Summer Music Festival today

There are many details and costs associated with providing an exceptional
place and curriculum to focus on such work. We are renting pianos, private studios, dorms at
Mount Saint Mary College, and providing breakfast and lunch each day that is part of the curriculum to foster the relationship among students and teachers. The Newburgh Summer Music Festival is unique also in that our focus includes singers. We hope to grow over the years incorporating orchestral and opera components collaborating with local symphonies and musicians in the Hudson Valley.

This first year will be the hardest, however we have everything
in place and with additional support from you we can ensure that each year the
Newburgh Summer Music Festival will be a place for musicians and music
lovers to come for an exciting journey.

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checks can be made to
Fractured Atlas- (in the memo- Queen of the Hudson)
86 Washington Street #3
Newburgh, NY 12550